Welcome to Varsity Wireless

We build, own and operate communications infrastructure that supports the wireless services embedded in our daily lives. Our passion is providing our customers, and the communities they serve, with creative, cost efficient solutions to the ever-growing demand for wireless ubiquity and bandwidth.

Our founders, senior management and staff bring more than 50 years of wireless industry experience to Varsity, including leadership positions with wireless operators, tower companies, turf vendors and the FCC. Our exceptional human resources are augmented with equity capital from investors who share our long-term view of investing in communications infrastructure.

We believe our diverse experience, passion for customer service, and integrity in all elements of our business make Varsity an ideal partner for your infrastructure needs. Whether you are a wireless operator, a property owner or a community needing help with the challenges of locating the next new cell site. Give us the chance to serve your needs in this fast moving industry and we are sure you will agree.