Sears Holdings Corp. (Sears & K-Mart Properties)

Varsity Wireless has teamed with Sears Holdings Corp to lease space at nearly 1,300 Sears and Kmart properties for use as wireless communications sites. Sears Holding Corporation, offering data center and business continuity solutions within a 10 mile reach of nearly 85% of the US population. This unique real estate portfolio offers wireless carriers access within and around more than 133,000,000 square feet of retail space in most major metropolitan areas of the US.

540 Mall Locations

263 Auto Centers

496 Free Standing

Sears and Kmart properties are ideally suited for DAS, small cell and macro cell solutions:

  • Adjacent to major highways and arterial routes
  • Access to congested foot traffic inside mall and shopping center locations
  • Ample indoor equipment room space and facilities with 24/7 private access
  • Flexible rooftop installations (20’-40’ masts, façade mounted antennas)

This portfolio is primarily fee-simple owned, with certain sites under long-term leasehold interest with sufficient existing development rights. The portfolio is controlled by a single owner, Sears Holding Corporation. Combined with Varsity’s streamlined leasing process, Carriers can be assured of an expedited path to getting their sites on air.

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