We know colocation is the preferred approach for Carriers. But when it is not an available option, you need reliable professionals who are capable of developing new facilities in challenging environments - professionals who can navigate the shortest route to community acceptance and get your site on air.

Strategic Site Development: Varsity develops strategic communications sites at locations identified through its careful analysis of the existing wireless coverage footprint. We use the same tools and resources used by Carriers to anticipate the type, height and location of site needs. And once a location is secured, Varsity begins steps to obtain zoning approvals and permits to ensure we expedite the time to deliver a site for Carrier use.

Build to Suit: Varsity professionals have developed hundreds of tower sites on behalf of Carriers. We excel at offering competitive economic solutions for new site development under a variety of structures. Whether you need a single site or execution on a group of raw land tower sites, Varsity is poised to deliver.

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